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About dancing

Why did I start it? I had an extremely embarrasing situation. I went to a dress-up party with my friend at the Medical University in Pecs. One girl came up and asked me to dance. Gosh, I was horrible, she was trying for a while but then left me quickly. I was not surprised, I was helpless. Then a few years later I had a similar incident, when my ex girlfriend was dancing and having fun with her friends as I sat and watched and felt crap.
It's not fun and it's not very enjoyable. To be able to get up and show off your moves like a party poker pro at a casino would be something different.

So I was sick of this and signed up for a dance class. As time passed, I finished many of them and started to realize: this is something that was made for me! Why? It has lots of benefits, let me list a few of them...
You can start it at any age. I had grannys in their 80's and elementary school pupils at the same time in my class and on dance events. If you dance competetively and want to be the best, it might matter when you started but if you just want to have fun and develop yourself, any age is perfect.
It develops your stamina and health. 10-15 minutes of Wiennese waltz is equal to 400 metre sprint. A good training includes flexing, relaxing excercise which helps your body function better.
It helps your communication and social activity. You can get to know new people very easily. When I lived in the States that was the only way I could meet people. Dance is a universal language, the steps and movements are similar in Hungary and in the States.
Many people who complain about not having a girlfriend or boyfriend should consider taking dance classes. Of course that should not be the main purpose, but certainly it is easier to start a conversation, communicate via dancing, and who knows what might happen. Members of the opposite sex come in closer, more intimate contact than usual, but it is normal in a dance class, so you will get used to it after a while and overcom your inhibitions.
Some people are afraid of others making fun of them or some guys says "real men do not dance..." (which are rationalizations stemming from fear). Without practice, nobody will be able to dance well, and those "machos" can only watch those guys who from a "safe corner" how the best girls are taken away by those dancing "gigolos". It is like the devil's circle.
The love of music is also very important. I got to know lots of new tunes that I did not care before and I started liking them thorough dancing. I developed reflexes, when I hear a good rhythm my parts start moving.
Nobody was born as a professional dancer, and no one cares in a dance class how others do their job. Especially in a basic class, people are just happy to do what was asked for. New movements can help your creativity, release stress and can be used well in your social life.


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